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About Golanix Robotics

Golanix which was founded in 2006, aims to bring the high-tech world to the children all around the globe. Our company was established to address the shortage of quality enrichment programs in various technology areas. We specialize in operating Unique curriculum and enrichment programs in software engineering and robotics, specifically tailored to children of a wide range of ages, from elementary to middle school.

Since 2009, Golanix imports high quality robotics kits and is currently the largest importer of robotics kits in Israel.

In 2016, Golanix begun the production of unique robotics kits, using unique software that we have developed which allows kids to be exposed to the world of coding through the construction and programming of unique robots, all with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

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Our Mission

Today, we offer a variety of robotics classes for all ages and are constantly working to bring you the highest quality robotics education in Israel. After all, The kids are on the top of our mind – their success is our mission!

Quality above all


Golanix’s robotics teams won every possible title in the israeli robotics competitions. The Golanix team was the first to represent Israel at the robotics world championships held in Atlanta USA.


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Golanix Robotics LTD

Phone: 077-7891816
Fax: 153-77-7891816

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Address : p.o.b 5008, Ashkelon 7815001

Care for your child future
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